Employing pioneering field equipment and technology for surveying.

Shine | DCCM specializes in surveying water boundaries, both inland rivers, and tidally influenced water bodies. Shine has surveyed hundreds of miles of river boundaries—from the Red River on the north, to the Sabine on the east, to the Rio Grande on the south. Establishing tidally influenced land boundaries is often a part of permitting processes as Texas seeks ways to prevent our shorelines from eroding. Shine has performed subsidence studies and other tasks associated with these vulnerable areas.

Shine | DCCM has surveyed millions of acres of both private and public lands across Texas. As licensed state land surveyors, Nedra Townsend and Joe Mattox can file survey records at the General Land Office when needed for patents, deeds of acquittance, permitting with the state, and other needs involving lands in which the state of Texas holds an interest.

Shine | DCCM is often hired by other survey companies or attorneys when boundary issues arise that require a more thorough analysis of ancient to current records. We have experience in diverse areas such as oil field operations, wind farms, highway projects, and municipal boundaries. We have performed American Land Title Association/National Society of Professional Surveyors (ALTA/NSPS) surveys on large acreage tracts with more than 50 easements and rights-of-ways (ROWs) affecting the subject property. These have been completed in a timely, professional fashion.

  • Boundary Surveying

  • Coastal Surveying

  • Gradient Boundary

  • State Land

  • Oil and Gas

  • Private Tract Boundary

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