Marion County Boundary Survey

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department | Marion and Jefferson Counties, Texas

Shine | DCCM determined the boundary of an original survey in Marion County and the boundary determination of numerous tracts of land surrounding and adjacent to the subject survey. Due to natural and artificial changes in the area since the 1800s, the project required extensive research outside the normal record research involved in any survey project. Research was performed in the Texas general land office archives, Marion County records, and private survey records. Historic research of the area was also necessary, including historical aerial photography and topographic maps.

Fieldwork utilized existing occupation, monumentation, and natural features as called for when the grants were originally laid out. Evidence was analyzed and compared to records. A report and plat were prepared, setting out all the boundaries and the issues involved in the area and topographic features. Project Manager Nedra Foster Townsend, LSLS, RPLS, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel attended meetings with surrounding landowners to explain boundaries.

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